The Buf CLI


$ buf [flags]


A tool for working with Protocol Buffers and managing resources on the Buf Schema Registry (BSR)



Turn on debug logging

-h, --help

help for buf

--log-format string

The log format [text,color,json]

--timeout duration

The duration until timing out, setting it to zero means no timeout

-v, --verbose

Turn on verbose mode


Print the version


  • buf breaking - Verify no breaking changes have been made
  • buf build - Build Protobuf files into a Buf image
  • buf convert - Convert a message between binary, text, or JSON
  • buf curl - Invoke an RPC endpoint, a la 'cURL'
  • buf export - Export proto files from one location to another
  • buf format - Format Protobuf files
  • buf generate - Generate code with protoc plugins
  • buf lint - Run linting on Protobuf files
  • buf mod - Manage Buf modules
  • buf push - Push a module to a registry
  • buf registry - Manage assets on the Buf Schema Registry
  • buf beta - Beta commands. Unstable and likely to change