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Elevate Your Protobuf Workflow with the Buf Schema Registry

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  • One private repository
  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Community Slack channel support
Privately manage your team's APIs on the BSR.
per 100 Types
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Everything in Community, plus:
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Hosted custom plugins
  • Email support within 24 hours
Have full control of a managed, private BSR instance.
per 100 Types
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Everything in Teams, plus:
  • Private instance of the BSR
  • Unlimited organizations
  • Custom SSO with SAML and OIDC
  • Dedicated subdomain for your company
  • Email support within 2 hours
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Server admin and bulk user management including SCIM
Rely on long term governance, deployment, and service commitments.
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Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Full data isolation and dedicated resources
  • Custom resource & deployment commitments
  • White glove support with dedicated Slack channel
  • Dedicated Customer Engineer for your account
  • Custom contract terms considered
  • Custom data retention policies
  • Custom maintenance windows

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Feature Access
Unlimited public repositories
Private repositories
Dependency management
Unlimited generated documentation
Unlimited remote packages
Unlimited use of remote plugins
Runtime API access
Custom plugins
Community Slack channel support
Email support response SLA
24 hours
2 hours
2 hours
Dedicated Slack channel support
Dedicated Buf Customer Engineer
Uptime SLA
Security and Admin features
Custom subdomain
Access to SOC 2 Audit and Pen Test Reports
Single Sign-On with SAML and OIDC
Private instance
Server admin and bulk user management
Comprehensive audit logging
Custom data retention requirements
Custom maintenance windows
Procurement support
Custom security and data privacy questionnaires
Custom contracting terms considered
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Frequently asked questions

What are Types?

Buf pricing is based on the number of Protobuf “Types” contained in the modules your organization has pushed to the BSR. In the Protobuf context, Types are defined as Methods (rpc), Messages (message), and Enums (enum).

How is usage calculated?

Types are billed in increments of 100, and the cost per Type depends on the chosen plan. Usage is calculated as the highest count of Types that existed for an organization over the billing cycle.

Does Buf offer overage protection?

Buf will send an email alert to organization administrators when usage has progressed beyond the previously billed increment of 100 Types. Additionally, you will automatically have a grace period of 1 billing cycle before you are charged a higher amount.

More detailed explanations and examples can be found in the Docs.