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The only purpose built solution for managing the complete lifecycle of Protocol Buffers APIs

Start treating your API definition like the critical asset it is.

Buf Studio
Buf Studio

A clean, interactive web UI for all your gRPC and Protobuf services.

Use Protobuf definitions hosted on the BSR to make requests directly from the browser to a live gRPC, gRPC-web, or Connect server.

Debug Protobuf definitions more efficiently by making real production requests to quickly understand the responses being returned.

Enable non-technical teams to make requests against key APIs for business intelligence purposes, and share saved requests for common queries.

Validate changes to your APIs while you develop them by making real-time requests to your testing or staging environments.

Generated API documentation
Generated API documentation

Automatically generate easy to read documentation based on your Protocol Buffers schema.

Never write standalone API docs again.

Improve service discovery by generating documentation for all of your API versions. All available in a browseable UI.

Make your service easier to grok with a consistent visual representation, updated in real time for every new version of your API.

Dependency management
Dependency management

Buf is finally bringing a dependency management solution to Protocol Buffers.

Buf is pioneering a Protocol Buffers module ecosystem, enabling you to make the most of your APIs.

Call your APIs confidently, without having to coordinate with other teams or worry about breaks. Rely on a single source-of-truth.

Treat Protocol Buffers dependencies as first class citizens. No more manually copy-and-pasting external proto files into your source.

Stop vendoring commonly used proto files that litter your codebases.

Remote library generation
Remote library generation

Automatically generate consistent client and server libraries for any version of your API.

*Currently available in Go, with more languages coming soon.

Generate consistent, versioned libraries across all of your services without heavyweight custom build scripts.

Eliminate the need to manually manage generated assets.

Consume APIs as if they’re 3rd party libraries in your native language.

Coming Soon

Generated CLIs

Generate a CLI for your API definition, with configurable mapping from endpoint to the command and its arguments, flags, and help text.

Mock servers

Test your schema design without having to implement a server. The Buf generated mock-servers will spin up valid responses with mock data based solely on your proto definitions.

Custom Enforced linting and compatibility

Configure build requirements that enforce adherence to semantic versioning and lint checks on your published API.

How It Works

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Teams define Protocol Buffers schemas for services they own, leveraging the Buf CLI.


The schema is pushed to the Buf Schema Registry.


Teams consume assets from Buf to interact with the service, including generated docs and libraries.


Use the BSR with the Buf CLI to simplify your Protocol Buffers workflow

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Talk to our team about making your Protocol Buffers workflow easier.