Buf Schema Registry

Focus on building products, not managing APIs and documentation

Increase productivity and reliability by managing your Protobuf schemas, dependencies, and packaging with the BSR.
Remote package generation

Write features, not APIs

The BSR generates and publishes packages to registries like NPM and Maven, eliminating the need to manually generate code and enabling teams to focus on building great products.

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Backward-compatibility validation

Safely evolve your APIs across platforms

Buf's GitHub Actions and GitHub app use your BSR schemas, along with the Buf CLI, to detect backward-incompatible changes to your APIs and prevent them from ever reaching production.

See how to prevent breaking changes
Source of truth for schemas and docs

Centralize your APIs and documentation

The BSR is the source of truth for your Protobuf schemas, empowering teams to share and build APIs independently and effectively by providing clear API ownership and automatically generating searchable documentation.

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Dependency management

Manage schema dependencies across services

Manage Protobuf dependencies in a single place with clearly defined ownership, eliminating the need to duplicate Protobuf files across repositories and to manage vendoring tools.

Learn about sharing schemas across repositories
Runtime data validation

Inspect, validate, and transform dynamic data

Integrate Protobuf with Kafka and simplify data pipeline changes by quickly decoding, validating, and transforming data at runtime using Buf's reflection API and data transformation library.

Explore data validation and transformation
Studio web app for testing APIs

Create, test, and share API invocations

Leverage the Buf Studio web app's autocomplete for APIs stored in the BSR to write and test API calls to staging environments, customize headers, inspect and save responses, and share invocations with teammates.

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Draft API changes

Collaborate using draft API packages

Quickly iterate on proposed APIs by integrating generated draft packages on clients and servers during development using NPM, Maven, and more.

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