The Buf CLI is a helpful tool for managing Protobuf schemas. It offers various features, including code generation, breaking change detection, linting, and formatting, to assist with Protobuf development and maintenance.

Buf is designed to integrate with your existing workflow to make schema-driven development easier, regardless of project size.

  • build - Build Protobuf files into a Buf image
  • generate - Generate code with protoc plugins
  • breaking - Verify no breaking changes have been made
  • curl - Invoke an RPC endpoint, a la 'cURL'
  • lint & format - Run linting & formating on Protobuf files
  • convert - Convert a message from binary to JSON or vice versa
  • mod, registry, push & export for all your Buf Schema Registry needs

Buf CLI works with your choice of plugins and languages and gives you access to a vast library of certified plugins in the Buf Schema Registry. With these features, the Buf CLI provides a comprehensive solution for Protobuf development and maintenance.