buf config ls-breaking-rules

List breaking rules


$ buf config ls-breaking-rules [flags]


--config string

The buf.yaml file or data to use for configuration. --configured-only must be set


List rules that are configured instead of listing all available rules

--format string

The format to print rules as. Must be one of [text,json]

-h, --help

help for ls-breaking-rules


Also print deprecated rules. Has no effect if --configured-only is set.

--module-path string

The path to the specific module to list configured rules for as specified in the buf.yaml. If the buf.yaml has more than one module defined, this must be set. --configured-only must be set

--version string

List all the rules for the given configuration version. By default, the version in the buf.yaml in the current directory is used, or the latest version otherwise (currently v2). Cannot be set if --configured-only is set. Must be one of [v1beta1 v1 v2]

Flags inherited from parent commands


Turn on debug logging

--log-format string

The log format [text,color,json]

--timeout duration

The duration until timing out, setting it to zero means no timeout

-v, --verbose

Turn on verbose mode

Parent Command