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The complete Protobuf platform

Accelerate gRPC adoption with the Buf Schema Registry — built by the world's Protobuf experts.

Trusted by startups and enterprises:

Share schemas without headaches

Version and share your schemas, import other teams' schemas, and keep everything up to date — without unmaintainable scripts or copied files. The Buf CLI and Schema Registry bring modern package management to Protobuf.

Share schemas without copies

Enforce API standards

Promote best practices, prevent breaking changes, and enforce custom policies at every phase of the API development lifecycle. Our IDE and CI integrations provide continuous feedback during development, and policy checks within the Schema Registry prevent distribution of dangerous changes.

Enforce API standards

Provide pre-built SDKs and API docs

With each update to your schemas, the Buf Schema Registry automatically generates API documentation and ready-to-use SDKs. Developers can discover new APIs, understand the semantics of every RPC, and download SDKs with pip, npm, Maven, Gradle, Go, cargo, and more.

Share schemas across repositories

Integrate with your tools

Buf's platform integrates with the tools you already use: IDEs, GitHub, Insomnia, Artifactory, Kafka, and most identity providers. For bespoke integrations, the key features of the Buf Schema Registry are exposed through a stable API.

Share schemas across repositories

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