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Accelerate API development with Buf, the first end-to-end platform for Protobuf, gRPC, and Kafka.

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Collaborate on Protobuf schemas, dependencies, and SDKs

The Buf Schema Registry provides a unified view of your Protobuf schemas across repositories. Discover APIs, browse documentation, manage code generation, and integrate with generated SDKs using package managers like NPM and Maven.

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Share schemas across repositories

Eliminate breaking API changes and reduce outages

Detect backward-incompatible changes to your APIs and prevent them from ever reaching production with Buf's CLI and GitHub integration.

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Detect breaking changes

Improve data quality in Kafka

Attach schemas to Kafka topics, ensure backward compatible schema evolution, and eliminate runtime schema registration errors, all while maintaining compatibility with the Confluent ecosystem.

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Improve data quality in Kafka

Build and lint APIs with ease

Leverage the Buf CLI to generate code and lint your APIs without managing your own Protobuf environment.

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