Buf is building a better way to work with Protocol Buffers

Create, maintain, and consume APIs with our modern Protocol Buffers ecosystem

Buf makes Protocol Buffer APIs easy to create, maintain, and consume

No reinventing the wheel, no custom management, and no headaches.
Free up your time for actual engineering.


Consistent APIs with centrally enforced linting and breaking change detection.


Centrally managed dependencies, with automatically enforced forwards and backwards compatibility to ensure clients never break.


Generated libraries produced by a managed compiler.

Buf will provide generated CLIs, documentation, validation, custom plugins, mock servers, stress-testing and more.

Simplify your Protocol Buffers workflow

Teams define Protocol Buffers schemas for services they own

The schema is pushed to Buf

Buf manages the schema's life cycle, enforcing design patterns and preventing breaking changes

Teams consume assets from Buf to interact with the service