The file is used to define a workspace, where one or more modules can coexist and interoperate within a common directory. Workspaces make it possible for local modules to import Protobuf files from other local modules, and unlock other powerful use cases that operate on multiple modules at the same time.

The diagram and file below represent a complete example of a configuration file with its accompanying tree layout containing the and modules:

├── paymentapis
│   ├── acme
│   │   └── payment
│   │       └── v2
│   │           └── payment.proto
│   └── buf.yaml
└── petapis
    ├── acme
    │   └── pet
    │       └── v1
    │           └── pet.proto
    └── buf.yaml
version: v1
  - paymentapis
  - petapis

The file currently supports two options:


The version key is required, and defines the current configuration version. The only accepted value is v1.


The directories key is required, and lists the directories that define modules to be included in the workspace. The directory paths must be relative to the, and cannot point to a location outside of your For example, ../external is invalid.

  1. version
  2. directories