Buf Schema Registry (BSR)

Bot users


Bot users are headless users created and managed by the BSR server administrators.

They are useful for providing and managing permissions to your automated workflows, such as CI, and when you want a separate BSR user to perform certain tasks, without having to manage the user at the SSO level.


The tokens created for bot users can perform most actions that are accessible to normal users, but there are also some limitations, namely:

  • A bot user has no ability to access the BSR web interface—the API token created for them cannot be used to resolve a cookie through the browser.
  • A bot user cannot manage their own tokens (their tokens must be managed by server administrators).


To create and manage bot users:

  1. Go to the admin panel for your private BSR server and select Bot Users in the left side menu. For example, if your server is https://buf.example.com, then it will be available at https://buf.example.com/admin/bot-users.

  2. Click the Create bot user button, then input a username to create the bot user.

  3. After the user is created, click on its name to go to the user details page and manage its tokens there.

After the user and its tokens are set up, the bot user is ready for use. However, the bot user will not automatically be granted any roles in any organizations or repositories. You will still need to manage its role in the preferred organizations or repositories so that it has the permission needed to perform actions. Refer to Manage members for details.

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