Buf Schema Registry (BSR)

Export modules from the BSR

Within the Buf ecosystem, moving .proto files around is unnecessary. You can manage dependencies in your modules and vendor commonly used modules like googleapis/googleapis from the Buf Schema Registry (BSR) community modules. However, tools other than the Buf CLI may require all .proto files to be present locally.

The buf export command allows you to copy .proto files to your local environment from many types of sources, including the BSR, a Git repository, or a .tar file. From there you can inspect them or move them into other tools or legacy systems.

Exporting Protobuf files

The basic buf export command requires a local destination directory path for the output and defaults to the current local directory as the source:

$ buf export -o /path/to/directory

You can also specify a BSR module or a Git repository as the source:

Export a module @latest
$ buf export buf.build/grpc/grpc -o /path/to/directory
Export a module at a specific commmit
$ buf export buf.build/grpc/grpc:334e348dc5854e4b99a3a0d25d8ff376 -o /path/to/directory
Export the Protobuf files from a Git repo
$ buf export https://github.com/bufbuild/protovalidate.git -o /path/to/directory

When exporting from the BSR, you can append a specific commit, branch, or tag reference to the module name, preceded by a colon (:). By default, exporting from the BSR includes all dependencies.

You can also limit the output to a subset of the source by either excluding or including specific paths to a directory or file (multiple paths must be separated by commas):

Excludes the 'geo' directory
$ buf export buf.build/googleapis/googleapis -o /path/to/directory --exclude-path google/geo
Only exports the 'geo' and 'longrunning' directories
$ buf export buf.build/googleapis/googleapis -o /path/to/directory --path google/geo,google/longrunning