Buf Schema Registry (BSR)

Google - SAML


This information only applies to organizations on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Buf's SSO integration supports the following SAML features:

  • Identity Provider (IdP)- initiated SSO
  • Service Provider (SP)- initiated SSO
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) user provisioning

The steps below must be carried out by a Google Workspace administrator for your organization.


  • Setup (Pro | Enterprise) needs to be complete. You need to know your private BSR server domain (for example, example.buf.dev or buf.example.com) for the steps below.

Add SAML app to Google Admin

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console for your organization.
  2. In the sidebar menu, click Apps (1) > Web and mobile apps (2).
  3. Click Add app (3) > Add custom SAML app (4).

Google - Add SAML app in Admin panel

  1. On the following screen, name the custom SAML app something like "Buf Schema Registry" or "Buf". This should be something meaningful to your users. Also add a description and icon if you prefer.
  2. Click Continue.

Download Google Identity Provider details

  1. Click the DOWNLOAD METADATA button. This downloads a file to your computer, usually called GoogleIDPMetadata.xml, which you'll need later in the setup process.

  2. Click Continue.

Google - Download metadata

Add service provider details

  1. In the Service provider details screen, enter:

    • ACS URL: https://buf.example.com/saml/acs
    • Entity ID: https://buf.example.com (Make sure to remove the trailing slash that is added by the form)
    • Name ID format: EMAIL
    • Name ID: Basic Information > Primary email

    Buf provisions users Just-in-Time based on the email address—make sure you've configured the Name ID correctly. Google - Service Provider details

  2. Click Continue.

  3. On the Attribute mapping screen, leave the attributes section empty and click Finish.

Enable user access

Once you've finished configuring the SAML app, enable it for your users. It is OFF for everyone by default.

Google - Enable SAML for users

Update SSO configuration

To set up or update your BSR server's SSO configuration:

  1. Go to the SSO Configuration page at http://<BSR_SERVER>/<ORGANIZATION>/pro-settings.

  2. From the SSO Provider dropdown, choose SAML.

  3. Click the Use IdP raw metadata instead link.

  4. Copy and paste the contents of the IdP metadata XML file you downloaded earlier into the IdP Raw Metadata text box.

    IdP metadata text entry box

  5. Click Update.