Buf Schema Registry (BSR)

Breaking change policy check – Setup


This feature is only available to organizations on the Enterprise plan.

This page describes how to enable and disable the breaking change policy check on your private BSR server. You must be a server admin to access these settings.


To enable server-wide breaking change prevention on your BSR server:

  1. Go to the admin panel and select Breaking changes in the Settings section of the menu.

    Screen shot of admin panel

  2. Click the Prevent breaking changes toggle. This enables both the breaking change policy check and the review flow.

  3. Select the strictness level of breaking changes you want to enforce: FILE or WIRE_JSON.

  4. To ignore breaking changes in unstable packages, click the Unstable packages toggle.

  5. To allow a grace period, go to the Backwards compatibility grace period dropdown and choose the duration.

  6. Click Update to save your settings.

Disabling the breaking change policy check

If your organization decides to disable this feature, we require that all pending commits be approved or rejected prior to disabling, to prevent you from having "dangling" pending commits. To make this easy, we've added bulk approve and reject functionality to the BSR admin panel. From the admin panel, server admins can see all of the repositories with commits still in review. They can choose to bulk approve or reject remaining commits, or click into the repository itself to review the remaining commits more carefully.

When no commits are left pending on the instance, the review flow can be disabled from the admin panel:

  1. Go to the admin panel and select Breaking changes in the Settings section of the menu.

  2. Turn the Prevent breaking changes toggle off.

After disabling the breaking change policy check, any already-rejected commits will still be unavailable to downstream consumers.