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The all-in-one
Protobuf toolchain

Generate code, prevent breaking changes, lint Protobuf schemas, enforce best practices, and invoke APIs with the Buf CLI.

Backward-Compatibility Validation

Safely evolve your APIs across platforms

Ensure you never cause an outage by shipping a breaking, backward-incompatible change to production by using the Buf CLI to validate API changes both locally and in continuous integration (CI).

Learn more about preventing breaking changes
Backward-compatibility validation
Local and Remote Code Generation

Generate code without managing a Protobuf environment

Generate code locally using the Buf CLI or remotely in an isolated environment on the BSR without worrying about managing compiler versions and plugins.

Learn about generating code
Local and remote code generation
Protobuf Schema Linting

Enforce consistency and best practices

Guarantee best practices across all your APIs by running Buf's Protobuf linter and automatically reformatting files to correct violations.

Learn about enforcing best practices
Proto schema linting
CLI for gRPC and Connect APIs

Invoke gRPC and Connect APIs with ease

Call your gRPC and Connect APIs using Buf's cURL-like interface which automatically handles headers and message-enveloping while providing a readable JSON representation of binary responses.

Explore the tool
CLI for gRPC and Connect APIs
Protobuf Binary Data Introspection

Enhance Protobuf data readability

Introspect Protobuf binary responses by easily converting between the binary and JSON formats.

See the reference manual
Protobuf binary data introspection
BSR Integration

Leverage the BSR from the command line

Interact with the Buf Schema Registry to push your schemas, create branches, and release tags — all from the CLI.

Learn about the Buf Schema Registry
BSR integration

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