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Elevate Your Protobuf Workflow with the Buf Schema Registry

  • Generate code consistently and automatically
  • Improve service discovery with generated documentation
  • Treat your API definition like the critical asset it is
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  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Hosted API documentation
  • Generated client and server libraries
Use the BSR to manage your team's critical internal APIs.
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  • Unlimited private and public repositories
  • 24 hour response to email support
  • Priority access to upcoming features
Rely on a dedicated single-tenant instance of the BSR to manage sensitive APIs at scale.
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  • Isolated Single-Tenant instance
  • Dedicated Slack channel support
  • Single Sign-On with SAML and OIDC
  • Prioritized feature requests
  • Server admin and bulk resource management
  • Comprehensive audit logging

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Repository Access
Unlimited public repositories
Unlimited private repositories
Generated assets
Unlimited hosted documentation
Unlimited generated client and server libraries
Community Slack channel support
Email response within 24 hours
Dedicated Slack channel support
Security and admin features
Best in class security posture
Isolated single-tenant instance
Access to SOC 2 Audit and Pen Test Reports
Single Sign-On with SAML and OIDC
Server admin and bulk resource management
Comprehensive audit logging
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Free during beta
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