The Buf Schema Registry is now on the AWS and Google Cloud Marketplaces

Dec 12, 2023/2 min read

Authored by Connor Mahoney, Mary Cutrali

We're excited to announce that the Buf Schema Registry (BSR) is now available on the AWS Marketplace and Google Cloud Marketplace. Enterprise customers can purchase through the cloud marketplaces and accelerate their deployment of the BSR.

Cloud marketplaces overview

The AWS and Google Cloud Marketplaces are digital stores that help customers discover, deploy, and manage a wide range of third-party software solutions. Companies are increasingly transacting through the cloud marketplaces for many different reasons, including:

  • Simplified procurement: Customers can now purchase the Buf Schema Registry directly through their AWS and Google Cloud accounts, eliminating the need for additional vendor approval processes.
  • Access to committed cloud spend: Purchases through AWS and Google Cloud Marketplaces unlock the ability to better utilize already committed cloud spend.
  • Integrated billing and invoicing: Marketplaces provide integrated billing and invoicing, allowing customers to manage their Buf Schema Registry subscription alongside their other AWS and Google Cloud services.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace

Getting started

We want to help our customers improve their time to value. If you’d like to discuss purchasing the Buf Schema Registry through either the AWS or Google Cloud Marketplaces, contact us for more information.

For additional details about the Buf Schema Registry and its features, visit our BSR product page. You can also get started with the BSR for free, or check out our pricing plans to see which option is right for your team.

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