Validate and transform dynamic data

Inspect, validate, and transform Protobuf data at runtime

Protect your data pipeline by decoding, validating, and transforming Protobuf messages.
Reflection API

Decode and inspect dynamic data

Convert Protobuf data blobs into typed messages in real-time using the latest schemas served by the BSR's reflection API.

Explore Buf's reflection API
API validation

Validate client request payloads

Enforce that field values are present, within specified ranges, match specific formats, and more at runtime using our open-source validation framework.

Learn more about payload validation
Message transformation

Transform and sanitize data

Ensure that the data you're ingesting meets governance and privacy requirements through runtime deserialization and transformation.

Explore our transformation library
Strengthened data pipelines

Prevent breaking changes and invalid events in Kafka

We're working to bring data transformation, schema validation, breaking change prevention, and more to event platforms like Kafka. If you're interested in beta testing or would like to share more about your setup, please contact us.

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