Share schemas across repositories

Create one source of truth for your organization's APIs

The Buf Schema Registry (BSR) is the source of truth for your Protobuf schemas, empowering teams to share and build APIs independently and effectively.
Dependency management

Manage Protobuf dependencies across services

Spreading Protobuf files across codebases and services makes it difficult to find APIs and enforce best practices. The BSR provides a top-down view of all schemas stored in various repositories under an organization, along with a search UI and tools for linting and validating schemas.

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Linting and validation

Enforce best practices across codebases

Ensure that standards are enforced across APIs in different codebases with Buf's CLI and GitHub integration which provide Protobuf linting, validation, and breaking change detection.

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Generated documentation

Search, discover, and build APIs independently

Boost productivity by allowing teams to build and integrate APIs independently, leveraging generated schema documentation and the BSR's search and click-through UI.

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Schema ownership

Establish clear ownership of your APIs and stop copying schemas

With the BSR's dependency management, there are no duplicate Protobuf files across codebases. Each definition exists in one BSR module with a clear owner where it can be consumed by many other modules and services.

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Remote package generation

Stop manually pushing generated code

The BSR generates and publishes packages to registries like NPM and Maven, eliminating the need to generate code in each codebase and enabling teams to focus on building great products.

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