Ensure best practices

Guarantee consistency and maintainability for your APIs

Ensure that best practices are followed for all Protobuf APIs across your organization.
Protobuf linting

Lint Protobuf APIs and documentation

Leverage our comprehensive CLI tool to lint and reformat Protobuf schemas and enforce best practices from naming, to casing, to comments and more.

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CI integration

Enforce best practices in CI

Automatically fail tests on any CI platform when the proposed changes violate any of your specified Protobuf lint rules.

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IDE integration

View linter feedback in your editor

Maintain a tight feedback loop when writing APIs by installing the Buf extension for your editor of choice, including Vim, VS Code, and JetBrains.

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Linter customization

Customize lint rules for your APIs

Enforce the rules that are best suited to your organization by configuring the linter with a wide variety of available options.

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