Adopt protobuf on web and mobile

Define your APIs once, ship everywhere

Drive consensus, improve collaboration, and increase productivity with the Buf Schema Registry as the source of truth for your APIs.
Remote package generation

Integrate generated code packages across web and mobile

The BSR generates code from your Protobuf schemas and publishes packages to registries like NPM and Maven, enabling frontend and mobile engineers to focus on building great products.

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Connect RPC

Incorporate generated, idiomatic APIs on all platforms

Accelerate development with the suite of Connect libraries which provide first-class support for the gRPC, gRPC-Web, and Connect protocols in TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, and Go. Built on top of time-tested HTTP libraries, they generate lightweight, idiomatic APIs and enable engineers to build and collaborate quickly and effectively.

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Centralized generated documentation

Improve API coordination across teams

The BSR generates documentation for all of your organization's APIs and provides a search UI for exploring, empowering teams to share and build APIs independently and effectively.

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Studio web app for testing APIs

Create, test, and share API invocations

Leverage the Buf Studio web app's autocomplete for APIs stored in the BSR to write and test API calls to staging environments, customize headers, inspect and save responses, and share invocations with teammates.

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Draft API changes

Collaborate using draft API packages

Quickly iterate on proposed APIs by integrating generated draft packages on clients and servers during development using NPM, Maven, and more.

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