Govern APIs at the edge


Enforce policies across services
from your API gateway

We're building new ways to use Protobuf in API gateways like Envoy and Kong to perform business data validation, audit logging/eventing, protocol translation, and rate limiting.

Govern APIs at the edge
Centralized Request Validation

Review schemas once, enforce policies everywhere

By defining data rules in Protobuf RPCs and validating them in the API gateway, security teams can review schemas once and have confidence they'll be enforced everywhere.

Service owners can focus on business logic without needing to share or duplicate validation behavior.

Centralized request validation
Audit Logging and Eventing

Emit audit logs and events for requests

Specify validation expressions and conditionals on RPCs to emit audit logs from the gateway and publish custom events to downstream consumers.

Audit logging and eventing
API Protocol Translation

Write APIs the way you want

Automatically translate requests and responses between REST/JSON, GraphQL, gRPC, gRPC-Web, and Connect without ever needing to regenerate code or redeploy your gateway.

API protocol translation
Per-RPC Rate Limits

Define and enforce rate limits in Protobuf

Enforce rate limits for APIs based on rules in RPC definitions, making it easy to understand and update their behaviors across the system.

Per-RPC Rate Limits

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