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The BSR automatically generates and publishes SDKs for NPM, Maven, Xcode, and more, eliminating the need to manually generate code and enabling teams to focus on building great products.

Generate SDKs
Registries Across Platforms

Consume SDKs from backend, frontend, and mobile

Generated SDKs are available for a variety of development platforms through native registries like NPM, unlocking the productivity wins of Protobuf and prepackaged code — not only for backend, but also for frontend and mobile engineers.

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Registries across platforms
Isolated Generation

Generate code without managing a Protobuf environment

Build without worrying about your Protobuf environment, compiler, or plugins by generating code remotely using the Buf CLI or by consuming generated SDKs from the BSR.

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Isolated Generation
Staged Packages

Deploy staged packages for in-flight changes

Try out and iterate on staged API changes before shipping them to production by generating SDKs for development branches through the BSR.

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Staged packages
Automatic Versioning and Releases

Automatically release SDKs on push

Generated SDKs are available from the BSR as soon as new Protobuf changes are pushed, making them available for immediate consumption.

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Automatic Versioning and Releases
Custom Protobuf Plugins

Customize generated code for bespoke needs

Customers on paid plans can upload custom in-house Protobuf plugins to extend generated code and take advantage of Buf's remote generation features.

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Custom Protobuf Plugins

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